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Getting Started With Music Self-Care

Getting Started With Music Self-Care

Bill’s highly-engaging presentations are right for you if your team wants to optimize performance, mitigate stress, depression and anxiety, and regain a sense of well-being and connectedness.

Is this you? How do you know?

It’s easy. You contact Bill’s team using this simple form. We work together to learn how music self-care services will benefit the pain points and opportunities in your scene. The goal? You receive a program that delights you, improves team cohesiveness, and gives you access to the hidden power of music to positively and holistically enhance performance. From keynote to coaching, your needs come first.

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Bill believes in optimal performance, whether at his desk or on stage, and brings that belief to you by delivering powerful, focused teaching. Bill’s approach means you save time and money: all the punch of a keynote in half the time.

If your meeting needs a 30-minute high-touch encounter with the power of music to boost stamina, lower stress and amp up workplace performance, Bill has a speech for that. Pro audio equipment is expected for this presentation.

Bill also believes in durable self-sustainability, especially in the face of traumatic stress, suicide and unseen injuries that can suck the life out of any of us if left alone to fester.

If your meeting is about the difficulty getting out in front of workplace absenteeism, depression, stress, and anxiety, building intra-company connectivity, and providing tools for successfully facing the really scary stuff in life, Bill has a speech for that too. It’s a longer, more inspiring speech because these heavy topics deserve more time to address with proper tools for self-care, and Bill requires an artist-quality grand piano for maximum effect.

Need a half- or full-day interactive workshop? From drumming to tailoring individual custom playlists, Bill’s got the science and evidence to convince your team that self-care using music is right at your fingertips, and will teach you tools you can use for a lifetime of enjoyable and effective music self-care.