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#MoreThanHuman – The Practice of Respect

#MoreThanHuman – The Practice of Respect

Your boss calls you out on an issue that wasn’t yours. How do you practice respect?

Respect can be an easy practice. “All rise” brings everyone in a courtroom to their feet. If you’re an old-fashioned, chivalrous guy like me, you stand up when your customer enters the meeting room. I find that non-verbal gestures like that work well for setting the tone of a meeting: I’m here to serve. A practice of respect like that can become a habit, and may even become a best practice if it ripples through your organization.

But what about the hard times, when respect gets buried under defensiveness?

How do you offer a best practice of respect in the face of potential conflict?

If you’ve being accused of something you or your team just didn’t do, how do you de-fuse the situation?

For sure, start your response with the obvious “With respect…” which works a whole lot better face to face than in writing, but is there a reliable way to get right to the heart of the communication and still convey a corrective message?

How would YOU turn this potential conflict into a win/win for you and for your boss?

Post your response here in the More Than Human LinkedIn community to help build a knowledge base of spiritual best practices that work.

There’s nothing more powerful that a dedicated group of people working to better their world. Are you in? I hope so.

With respect —