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Music Quest Discovery

Neuroplasticity, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and binaural beats are some of the modern terms for behavioral health practices musicians have used for thousands of years. The Music Quest can unlock the power of the music you love to use those practices and more for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness – for you, your family, your team, your enterprise. Safely. Economically. And most important: effectively. By short-circuiting your learned responses and reconnecting you with your inner wisdom, you can unlock long-forgotten power – for good.

You are now welcome to take the most powerful adventure of your life…so far. Find your power music and find out why music is the power you’ve been missing. Watch the trailer below for more.

AND, there’s more (isn’t there always?).

Check out the full Music Care Quest here.

For complete details of this powerful, experiential deep dive into the music you love, page down.

Music Quest Discovery.

Empathy. Tension and release. Contrast. In your life, your job, your career, your family, are you ready with these powerful skills? Music Quest Discovery is an experiential environment that guides you to your own answers.

Here’s just some of what’s packed into this one-hour experience, which was designed to help employees and employers deal with post-pandemic re-entry to workplace duties.

Music Transformation Journey Overview

I. Summary

Music has a direct impact on emotions, emotional and mental states. It bypasses the brain and impacts on a subconscious level. Music therapy has long been used to help people intervene; this self-care tool teaches how to use music skillfully without a therapist.

The Music Quest Discovery is a process that teaches employees and organizations to use music as an active tool to manage emotional states, short circuit the brain, and set it on success – whatever success means to each participant on an individual basis; to provide a holistic care mechanism to shape organizational and team culture and to help re-integrate staff into the workforce post-COVID.

The Music Quest Discovery further helps employees create new neurological pathways to bring out the best of their talents. Prime features of the Music Discovery Quest are:

  • Evidence-based development of empathy, compassion, and resilience
  • Able to help employees to deal with anxieties, distress, and depression
  • Inter-disciplinary enjoyable experiential exploration of self-awareness for individuals, teams, and groups; (for agile, fast-moving teams an absolute must)
  • Self-evident in its results

II. How does it work and what does it do?

Music transformation enables users to read and apply music to their personal stories. It creates an emotional arc that uniquely corresponds and reflects the story of each participant and can then be applied to the greater whole of the organization. Like giant art pieces – every employee has a purpose and impact and together those stories create a beautiful symphony that mirrors and builds organizational culture.

During the process, the employees learn:

  • To identify emotions and their subtle nuances. Most people are only consciously aware of a limited range of emotions which is one of the reasons why communications go haywire and people can get easily triggered. In the COVID environment, this has been amplified. Because there is a lot of anxiety in going back to the office, newly hired employees have never been on site and exposed to the corporate culture; and everyone has moved internally to a different emotional and mental growth state than they were a year ago. So when people come together again, this is an explosive mix. The Music Quest Discovery can help ease and leverage this to bring out the best in each and heal.
  • When employees have learned to identify emotions, they are then getting equipped in learning how to transform emotional and emotional states at will. They learn how to get from sadness to joy or how to transcend from passiveness and detachment to excitement and motivation.
  • Employees also learn to recognize emotional triggers that may stand in the way of their best performance and in feeling a sense of belonging to the culture or organization they’re in.
    In the process, employees learn to develop emotional language to better express themselves and understand others. This makes the Music Discovery Quest an indispensable contribution to resilience and the ability to listen to one another. In multi-disciplinary, agile teams – the ability to express emotions and listen to where others are coming from are vital pieces to success.
  • Employees learn to work through opposites. – Another essential component for lived diversity and inclusion.
  • When applied in teams, team members bond on a conscious, deep level. Working together on a piece of music that reflects each member of the team creates a strong, motivational bond and belonging and helps coagulate teams that otherwise are not able to work together.
  • The music discovery quest creates a shared team and organizational purpose. For fluid and agile organizational designs – a component that should be part of every project team. It helps people work, interact, listen and talk together on a completely holistic, integrative level that synergizes each individual’s energy, emotional states, empathy, and understanding with the other team members and the purpose of the project.


III. Additional Offerings

An introductory workshop on the effects of music and how it can be used as a self-care tool for employees to reduce anxiety, discover personal triggers and unresolved healing areas, help promote emotional health, sensitize employees for the broad range of emotions and how music can be used to harness the power of emotions – positive and challenging ones – and transform this energy and untapped potential into motivation and results.

An eight-session workshop where teams and small groups go on a music discovery quest to learn read and understand emotions and how to use music to short circuit the brain to achieve certain results, such as healing, success, motivation, or a particular goal.

An add-on workshop to assemble or compose a unique piece of music for the team or the organization. This can include a piece of music to facilitate the re-integration into the office environment post-COVID, welcoming new team members, or kickstarting organizational culture.


IV. Why It Matters

Every organization is undergoing transformation. The way we worked is no longer functioning. Agile is not a choice – it is a survival necessity. Agile work environments function differently. Teams have to adapt faster, form faster, and be multi-disciplinary. This requires a fast, but deeply conscious getting-to-know each other, a deep ability to listen and integrate opposite viewpoints and perspectives, and an ability to manage triggers. These are all things that the Music Discovery Quest targets and delivers.

Employees are anxious about getting back to the office. Many have not been onsite in new work environments. Thus, the Music Quest helps integrate and create a feeling of belonging.
Every organization has to redefine and invent itself post COVID. This means that deep-seated work on why the organization exists, how everyone can bring in their best talents, and what the org’s NORTH STAR is going forward. To make every employee feel that their voice is being heard, their being matters – offering a music discovery quest is an unparalleled avenue to redefine and reinvent itself with the input of every employee. Synergize and “syntegrate” – meaning using the energy and vision of everyone to get them aligned on purpose and shared direction.


V. Quantity License for Use

Contact us to obtain a bulk license for 6-12 month use for your employees to go on this self-discovery quest of their emotions, triggers, strengths, and weaknesses, and facilitate the dive deep into their own emotional depths, purpose, and hidden talents. Safely enable them to do valuable shadow work to integrate strengths and weaknesses and, appreciating both, transform them into powerful energy for well-being, health, and success.