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Resilient Leaders for Our Era

Resilient Leaders for Our Era

We’re told that out of great wounding comes great resilience. Truly great leaders seem to have been moulded from endured injury.

Resilient, great leaders? Yes.

Would you not rather follow a leader who can admit mistakes, correct them and move ahead? Owning a mistake chisels character from the raw block of humanity. It takes guts to recover from a mistake and change course boldly and confidently, especially when lives balance on that choice.

It takes resilience to stand honestly before a bad decision and those who shame it. A resilient leader inspires followers’ confidence. Who among us hasn’t made a mistake, tried to recover, and then move on? Character and resilience forge a leader’s armor against shame, and offer a natural empathic mirror of our lesser trials, errors and recoveries.

Where are these leaders? Young men and women who have survived war? Poets, artists and musicians persevering through poverty, illness and obscurity? Sages and teachers, some displaced from their homes and homelands, quietly telling ageless stories to the next generation of devotees?

Yes. These are the resilient leaders. They always have been.

They are the character worthy of the sculptor’s finest marble, where neither shameful incision nor cowardly explosion pierces the armor, where wounding carried deep in the heart gives breath to the next choice.

They are the young over-deployed warrior, the homeless, the street performer, the single parent, the blogger. They have ideas no one has discovered…yet. They are poised and ready but not called…until now.

We need you.