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San Diego Symphony Honor Tickets for VMGR

The San Diego Symphony offers honor tickets to Veterans, service members of the active-duty Military or National Guard, and Reservists. Whether you want to spend an amazing evening outdoors under the stars on Embarcadero Marina South, or at the indoor Copley Symphony Hall with the Symphony and some amazing music, this invitation is for YOU.
And oh, by the way, it’s free.
Follow the link below to claim your tickets to attend this Symphony concert at no cost — AND you may bring as many as three additional family members or friends with you, too.  (By the way, because there are five of us in our family, I register for three tickets in my name and my wife registers for two in hers — boom. Make sense?)
And consider this: your chance to experience the soul-reviving power of live symphony music is one click away.  
If you haven’t tried it, you may surprise yourself with how well music works as a tool for self-care. “But I fall asleep and symphony concerts!” I hear you say. That may be just the response your system needs to rebuild itself, let go of some stress, and open a doorway to healthy change.*
Kids are welcome — you have no idea what it’s like to watch your kids experience the symphony for the first time.


* I get it: the symphonic experience can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, there’s a website that gives a “how to listen to music” boot camp (imagine that!).  The good people over at the Splice blog have a “how to listen” tutorial free for your use, right here. Go as deep as you like — it won’t hurt a bit — and you can amp up the experience using the tools they recommend.

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