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Products And Services With Purpose

You trust us for innovative, award-winning self-care. Now, Music Care Inc is pleased to offer leading-edge products and services to support your health and practice, as well as a very exciting art book we were honored to help bring to life.

As well as course content around self-care skills for chronic stress relief or advancement into your own human potential and beyond, there are often times when we humans need a coach to walk alongside us to refine our practice, offer advice, and suggest self-accountable metrics that keep our focus and our edge. More than a drill instructor, you deserve a practical heart skills sensai. We’ve got that.

  • Train yourself in emotional agility
  • Learn to make a Silver Bullet Playlist
  • Explore the ways you can soar beyond stress into esteem, self-actualization, and even transcendence safely and reliably

Whether you want an accountability coach alongside your individual practice, or if you and your organization are ready for a deeper dive into self-care for chronic stress relief, please use this form to contact us. We look forward to delighting you with your own results.

In Our Eyes In Our Words

"In Our Eyes In Our Words" Homelessness

2019 IPPY Awards Gold Medal recipient for Fine Art!

IN OUR EYES, IN OUR WORDS – portraits from the edge of society is a collection of 100 of artist Jeff Horn‘s charcoal portraits of homeless people. Most of these drawings are accompanied by hand-written statements from the homeless subjects.

The majority of the first edition printing is being given free of charge to organizations and agencies nationwide which are addressing the issue of homelessness in its many forms. In turn, these entities will gift these books to their big donors as an acknowledgment of their help in addressing this timeless issue.

Copies of this book are now available to the general public at $60. Proceeds from these sales will help defray printing costs. To order please contact Jeff at

Learn Music Care Online

musiccareIn addition to the one-hour guided instructional Music Quest Discovery video available to rent or buy on Vimeo, you can discover the intelligent use of music for self-care in an online, fully mentored active learning environment. Transform your mind and heart as you experience the power of a Silver Bullet playlist and how to create and use one effectively. Give yourself a new kind of competitive edge as you use music to fully engage with opportunities. Sadness, distress, depression, and anxiety contain a new kind of power available to you as you practice skills that leverage your built-in human physiological response to music. best of all, there’s no musical experience needed. You can do this.

Note: Scholarships for the Music Care Quest are offered to Veterans, Military, Guard, and Reserves, regardless of nationality. Contact us directly if that’s you and you would like a life-changing musical education.


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One More Bonus: Your Purchase Benefits Humanitarian Causes

As always, we give a portion of the profit from your purchase of the services and products we offer to support humanitarian causes we admire. We’re proud to be an example of transparency, and you may see the impact of your purchase at the bottom of every page on this website.

Thank you for your trust and support.

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