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A Guide to Music Care in Real Life

There are several commercially-available ways to learn “music care” in the way that we mean it here:

Using music you love for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health care

Music Care Education

The basic concepts of  music care are something you can learn quite quickly. In fact, they are given in their complete form in the nearby image.



  • Music Care Inc exists to provide this education to all, and to offer consultative services to integrate these music care basic principles into all kinds of purposeful practice. Price points and options for education direct from Music Care Inc are available on our Ultimate Landing Page. We’re pleased to introduce a new pay-it-forwad tuition offering for the Silver level Music Care Quest. Use the big green Get Started buttons at to start learning how to use music more now.


  • American Palliative Music Council, which offers various levels of music care education to lay- and professional caregivers, attorneys, and social workers, through our affiliation with the American Palliative Music Council. Please use code “8527” if you choose to join so that you’ll be recognized in our group membership. Professional palliative care coordinators, primary care physicians, estate planners, and community advocates have found the APMC training and standards unlock innovative, sustainable, skillful ways to serve their clients using music.


  • Room 217 Foundation is Canadian social enterprise organization that uses music to change the culture of care. A 2014 paper detailing the work, challenges, and reults of Room 217 Foundation can be found here.

Music Care in Real Life

Music care has been in use for millenia. Here are a few current examples of how it is being used in our day and age:


  • Guitars for Vets  is an American not-for-profit organization with international reach. G4V volunteers teach military Veterans to play the guitar. Studies have shown that guitar-playing Veterans score lower on the PCL-5 post-traumatic stress checklist. There are several other similar guitar- or instrument-based organizations also doing this work worldwide.



  • Music Corps is an American music program for “wounded warriors” that provides both instruction and performance opportunities for injured military Veterans.


  • Free caregiver support in music care for lay and professional caregivers is available in the growing ExtendaTouch online community.


  • Music Care Inc launched an education and outreach initiative to the San Diego County faith community in January 2021, offering free education in the music care basic principles to church leaders and congregations, and is already expanding this initiative to the NGO community.

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