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The Ultimate Landing Page

You’ve browsed, viewed, listened, learned. You know a lot about what we do. Now, you just want to deepen your engagement.

More than 98% of us need ads that lead to funnels that lead to landing pages that lead to automatic, multiple one-way content bursts that lead to engagement that repeats at least five times and ultimately results in a sale. Of something. To someone whose resistance has been lowered by the persistence of technology.

The fact you’re here, on this page, right now, means that you’re not susceptible to all that automatic badgering. You’re part of the 2% who have the resources to support your desires for something more, something better, and, most importantly, something else.

The only question is: are you part of the 1% who actually takes action?

(Yeah, that sounded sales-y…had to get it in there somewhere.)

So here’s what we offer, listed in order of how it would have been offered to you if you received it in the noisy, commonplace, huckster-style approach we chose not to use because we value you as a human being who’s fully capable of making wise choices without being badgered.

Products and Services for Individuals

(Can Also Be Scaled for Groups)


  1. In exchange for your email address: Your Free Guide to Resilience with Music, a downloadable companion guide to the book More Than Human which shows how to unlock your resilience superpowers using music
  2. In exchange for your expert browsing skills, free music is available to you via YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
  3. In exchange for between $6.99 and $15,99 USD (or $0.00 for Kindle Unlimited subscribers): More Than Human – The Value Of Cultivating The Human Spirit In Your Organization, the book of how-to for growth-focused people and teams that want to invigorate or reinvigorate their collective spiritual best practices of human attributes such as honor, discernment, integrity, appreciation, and many more
  4. In exchange for $0.99-15.00 USD, several audio tracks, EPs, and full-length CDs are available from iTunes, CDBaby, and wherever fine music is sold or streamed
  5. In exchange for $15 USD: Guided Somatic Experiencing with Music and the Intention for Gratitude, a downloadable self-guided purpose-driven script, demonstrates how to unlock your gratitude and appreciation superpowers using music
  6. The one-hour Music Quest Discovery is yours to rent ($8.95 USD) or buy ($17.95 USD) through, or if you prefer a more structured format, it can be purchased on ($19.95 USD)
  7. In exchange for $47 USD: The More Than Human Companion Guide to Gratitude and Appreciation, a downloadable companion guide to the book More Than Human which shows how to unlock your gratitude and appreciation superpowers using music
  8. In exchange for $49 USD per month on the pay-it-forward subscription plan and your intention for powerful personal transformation: the Music Care Quest Silver program


  • In exchange for $95 USD we offer “what music is best for this?” consultations through
  • In exchange for $95 USD we also offer one-hour functional music consultations
  • In exchange for $2,497 USD and your intention for deep personal transformation:  the Music Care Quest Gold program* including lifetime membership in the Music Care community
  • In exchange for ~$9,997 (price may vary) USD and your intention for profound personal transformation and power:  Platinum Quest coaching program including lifetime membership in the Music Care community
  • In exchange for military or first-responder service, we offer scholarships to the: Gold coaching program including lifetime membership in the Music Care community

* The Gold program also offers customized, activity-specific six-week guided journeys paired with weekly video conference sessions. For example, the program has been deployed to assist homeless people, executives, foster parents, stressed-out people of all kinds, military Veterans, and working teams with intervention, and includes powerful tools for self-actualization.

We proudly offer affiliate programs for coaches, mentors, clinicians, therapists, and anyone who’s interested in guiding other students through our Silver level innovative coaching program. Please use the Contact form to inquire.

Services for Caregivers

Music Care Inc is proud to offer various levels of certification to lay- and professional caregivers, attorneys, and social workers, through our affiliation with the American Palliative Music Council.

Professional palliative care coordinators, primary care physicians, estate planners, and community advocates have found the APMC training and standards unlock innovative, sustainable, skillful ways to serve their clients using music.

Please use the Contact form to request a discount code for yourself or your organization.

Services for Teams

In-person (or online) keynote, workshop, group/team activity, education, fund-raising, concert

Please use the Contact form to inquire – prices start at $5,000 plus reasonable costs for travel, supplies, and rental equipment, and vary upwards depending on your requirements and our time spent to exceed your expectations.

The Team Quest

We deploy our Silver-level coaching programs for teams of 5-500 or more. Scaling at the higher level may include mentors from your own team, who will receive direct training prior to deployment to guide their teammates through the program. Prices are based on the normal per-attendee exchange given above and negotiated in advance based on the number of attendees. Please use the Contact form to inquire.

Leadership drum circle

We are certified drum circle leaders. We offer this service exclusively to team leaders and executives who want to tap into their superpowers without intensive coaching. Prices start at $500 per hour plus reasonable costs for travel, supplies, and rented/purchased equipment and are normally quoted in packages of four (4) sessions or more. Please use the Contact form to inquire.

The Connection: A Team Trauma Release Experience

Facilitated by US Navy Seal Veteran Mikal Vega, US Army Veteran Antione Johnson, and Music Care Founder Bill Protzmann, The Connection is a day-long guided experience that teaches self-care tools for trauma release, emotional integrity, and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Groups of 50-200 are welcome. Prices are quoted based on a number of factors including sufficient space for your team to meet (a ballroom or large gymnasium is usually best). Please use the Contact form to inquire.