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What Music Shall I Listen To?

by Bill Protzmann


I’m asked frequently: “Bill, what music should I listen to?” You’ve probably read my response before, but I’ll repeat it again because the point is so powerful. Listen to music that you love. We both might love the same music, and that happens often when I perform for people, but I really want to encourage you to find the music that speaks to you in the very best possible way. That can change, depending on your mood and activity, and that’s completely fine, especially if you are able to set up iTunes playlists for various purposes or activities like some of the rest of us gearheads.

If you’re not a computer geek like me and you’re just getting started with intentional listening — that is, bringing your entire focus and purpose to really hearing the music you choose — then check out Pandora for incredible preselected playlists that are assembled by human beings who really know the music. Pandora is free online streaming music organized by category, and it conveniently lets you choose favorites, then builds suggested listening based on what you like. A great tool for the intentional listener, and value-based too, since unlike iTunes you don’t have to buy a lot of music in order to get familiar with what flips your skirt.

>So, listen to music that you love. With intention. Which means that you 1) sit down, 2) put on some comfortable over-the-ear headphones and 3) give yourself five or ten minutes of music and nothing but music.


This stuff works! Want to know more? Check out the tabs that follow below for my Facebook fan page Notes tab for my current reading list, or the second page of my one-sheet (both are also available here) for real-life examples and medical studies on how and why it works.

And listen yourself well.