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Which “Music Care” Did You Want?

You have found one of many “music care” websites. For clarity, this one belongs to Music Care Inc, an educational and advocacy for-profit social benefit corporation that teaches the use of music for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

In addition to its relationship to music health and wellness self-care education and advocacy, the term “music care” is also used in relation to:

  • clinical music therapy;
  • not-for-profit humanitarian support, mentoring, musical instrument and songwriting instruction;
  • live performance of music in clinical environments;
  • products for the maintenance of musical instruments.

As of May 2022, the term “music care” is represented online by these various, sometimes disparate pages:

Music Care Inc is the website you’re currently visiting. We teach the self-evident use of music for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

MusiCares – The MusiCares Foundation is the not-for-profit humanitarian critical services coordinator and program provider for musician members of the Recording Academy aka The Grammys (

MusiCare Musical Instrument Service Center – based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. (

MUSIC CARE – An international music therapy research institute offering programs and music therapy that operates from home offices in Paris, France, with satellite programs in the African continent, Portland, Oregon, and Scott, Texas USA. (

musiccare by Room 217 – Music therapy not-for-profit social enterprise operating from Ontario, Canada, “changing the culture of care by making music a more primary approach to health and well-being.” (

Music Care Therapy, LLC – The website of music therapist Jenny Kruse of Rochester, Minnesota, USA. (

Music Health Alliance – Based in Tennessee, USA, this not-for-profit “offers three primary areas of results-driven healthcare services with an emphasis on preventing illness and staying well.” (

My Michigan Health Music Care Program – A music performance program of the University of Michigan Health System, a not-for-profit hospital and medical services provider.(

Team Musicare – “An industry-based community of musical professionals devoted to unleashing the healing power of music” – a music mentor and wellness program operating from Clontarf, Queensland, Australia. (

In addition to Pet Music Care (Spotify link in the pic), a wide variety of “music care” recorded songs can be found, including indigenous music from India as well as “Care Bears” fan-created music.

The Music Care Prayagraj Dance Center in Allahabad, India “is known to provide top service in the following categories: Home Tutors, Dance Classes, Zumba Classes, Dance Classes For Kathak, Dance Classes For Children, Dance Classes For Hip Hop, Zumba Classes For Women, Dance Classes At Home.”

Another Indian company located in Parganas South and known as  Lifeline Music Care Pvt Ltd supports music performance and entertainment but last reported financials in 2017, so it may no longer be active.

The term “music care” is also in frequent use in Indian companies offering musical instrument maintenance services, such as this as well as music engineering services such as “James: Music Care” on the Soundbetter website, located in the UK.

Finally, there are branded “music care” products, such as these branded discussion cards for use in Alzheimer’s patient care.